Medicare Advantage Plans and Some Surprising Risks

Are you considering Medicare Advantage plan to sign up?  There are many seniors considering choosing the private plans as they consider the costs going from the pocket is low and there are services sometimes that are really better than the Traditional Medicare. Of course the cost sounds to be really good as it is low, but there are risks and downsides of the Medicare Advantage plans. Therefore, you must now what and how they will affect before getting enrolled.

Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage plans are Traditional Medicare alternative. It is handled by private insurers.  They are typically HMOs or PPOs offering hospital and medical cover as Part A and B Medicare. In fact, in many cases they provide Part D the cover for prescription drug, vision and dental coverage and also the memberships for gym.

Another reason for selecting Medicare Advantage plans by seniors is that it eliminates the Medigap.

Humana medicare advantage

The facts unknown

There is lot of variation in the hospital size of networks and the offered services, based on the plan. The entire selection process especially, the HMOs of the Medicare Advantage plan wants you to visit the health care providers or the hospitals only that is available in the network plan if you want the coverage.

With Medicare Advantage plans, the network is narrow and covers few hospitals that accounts to each county with less than 10%. On the other hand, the Traditional Medicare offers a wide choice of hospitals, such that it includes the entire U.S facilities and does not restrict you within your county. However, with any of the Medicare plans, it is best to find out if the hospitals are allowing you to use and are they accepting Medicare.


There are some Medicare Advantage plans having good ratings from Medicare and Medicaid services for customer service and preventive care. The hitch is that as it has a narrow network, it misses out on major hospitals specializing in complicated treatments.

What it means is getting Medicare Advantage plan enrolled and if you cannot get your condition cured in the hospital network means you must go out of the network providers list. Again it will be at your personal expenditure or just avoid getting treatment to get worse.


The Humana Medicare Advantage plans found at are cost- effective and offer the care required. If you wish to enroll in such a plan, do your homework and be prepared for changes and expenses, anytime. If you want you can change to another plan or switch over to Traditional Medicare.