Discussing AARP Medicare Advantage Plans through United Healthcare

Just like the many other health insurance companies UnitedHealthcare is also one of leading health insurers. It offers the Medicare Advantage plans (Part c plans) known as the United Healthcare Medicare Advantage plans. The Medicare Advantage plans at UnitedHealthcare are just like the other health insurance schemes which consist of the Medicare Part A and Part B and combine them into a single package. In the health insurance schemes Medicare Parts A and B are offered through the private insurance companies (just like in this case via UnitedHealthcare) and not via Original Medicare.

Coverage via Part c

aarp medicare advantage plans 2019As we have already discussed above that a medical insurance Advantage plan is just like a package which includes both Medicare Part A for the coverage of hospital related tasks and Part B for the doctor visits.  Restriction on health insurance schemes by federal government is that minimum amount of benefits which it can offer should be equal to number of benefits provided by Original medical security. Although health insurance Advantage plans do not offer hospice care and reason is that hospice care is covered via Original Medicare which keeps intact in background.

Moreover, if you want a plan which covers your prescription drug, then you can opt for plan which offers Prescription Drug Plan (Part D). AARP Medicare Advantage Plans 2019 do not offer drug coverage at this time. Such plans have a list of drugs for which they can provide coverage, and if your prescription drug does not fall in that list, then you will not be able to get coverage unless provider agrees to your request. Some plans also offer you hearing, vision, dental, and fitness coverage.

More benefits

As we already mentioned that health insurance schemes offer additional services such as hearing, vision, dental, fitness, and drug coverage well Original Medicare does not offer this coverage. Furthermore, every Medicare Advantage plan is bound to keep a maximum of out-of-pocket costs.  Limit on out-of-pocket costs means that once you reach maximum level of out-of-pocket costs then after that plan will cover all further health care expenses.


Health insurance schemes have seen heights of success in past few years due to supplemental benefits, low costs, and efficiency it brings in healthcare industry and most of senior citizens or retirees who have enrolled in health insurance schemes seem quite happy with it. The supplemental benefits include the coverage for the routine check-up of hearing, vision, dental, and fitness programs (in some types) unlike Original Medicare.